It's spring, which means it's a great time to get service for your vehicle. Whether you want to undo the wear and tear of the Germantown winter or prepare your car for the Gaithersburg summer, there are plenty of reasons to schedule service at the Fitzgerald Mazda of Frederick Service Center. Here are some services that you might want to prioritize.

Check the Brakes

Winter in Hagerstown can take a toll on the brakes. To ensure that your brakes are in ideal condition, be sure to stop by our Service Center to have them checked. If any brake components need to be replaced, our expert Mazda technicians can get the job done quickly.

Replace or Top Up Fluids

There are plenty of fluids in your vehicle you should check before summertime. These include coolant, transmission fluid, brake fluid, and wiper fluid. Some fluids may just need to be topped off, if not fully replaced or refilled.

Change Your Oil

Given how important engine oil is, it is essential to replace it in a timely manner. If your oil change interval is up, bring your car to our service center for a fast oil change.

Change Filters

Your oil filter keeps contaminants out of the engine. Your cabin air filter keeps the air you breathe in your car clean. Both might need to be replaced, so let our technicians check them.

Get Spring Service at Fitzgerald Mazda of Frederick

If you need spring service for your vehicle in Leesburg, then you should bring it to the Fitzgerald Mazda of Frederick Service Center. Our expert technicians are ready to give your vehicle the service it needs to recover from the winter and get ready for the summer. To schedule service, contact us today!

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