Comparing New 2020 Mazda Models Near Germantown

Mazda is an automotive manufacturer that has always pushed their vehicles to be as fun and as advanced as possible. They have continued to push the boundaries of what everyone expects a Mazda to be with each new model they unveil. Mazda currently has a dynamic lineup of vehicles with something to fit just about everyone's needs around Hagerstown.



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Mazda SUV & Sedan Models

The first vehicle in Mazda's new lineup is perhaps one of the most popular and influential two-seat roadsters ever made. The MX-5 Miata is known for its bulletproof powertrain and its ease of use. Anyone can get behind the wheel of an MX-5 and have a blast. The MX-5 is so well balanced, and it has just the right amount of power for the type of vehicle it is. The Miata is a momentum-based sports car, which means it rewards you for keeping your speed around corners. This means you won't be going incredibly quick down straight country roads near Germantown, but you will be able to take on tight curvy roads faster than most other vehicles. The new MX-5 can be had as either a soft-top roadster or a hardtop convertible. The soft-top is lighter and quicker to use, but the hardtop gives the MX-5 coupe-like styling and a more insulated driving experience. If you plan on daily driving the MX-5, you may want to consider the hardtop. The MX-5 influences just about every vehicle that Mazda makes. This is why all Mazda vehicles are fun to drive.

The next vehicle in Mazda's lineup is the Mazda3 compact car. The Mazda3 is fairly unique in Mazda's lineup as it can be had as either a sedan or a hatchback. The Mazda3 is known for its sharp modern design and tight handling, which is great when commuting around Gaithersburg. The Mazda3 has tons of technology, and all of it is incredibly intuitive to use. Mazda works hard to ensure that any features they include in their vehicles don't distract you for more time than they need to.

After the Mazda3 is the Mazda6 sedan. The Mazda6 is the premium sedan of Mazda's lineup, but it still has the sporty DNA that Mazda vehicles are known for. The best word to describe the new Mazda6 is precise. Everything is exactly where Mazda intended it to be, and the craftsmanship rival's what you would find in most luxury sedans. The Mazda6 provides you with excellent handling and wonderful build quality.

The first SUV in Mazda's lineup is the CX-3 compact crossover. The CX-3 gets great gas mileage, and it has the iconic modern design found in all new Mazda models. It makes for a great daily driver, as it has ample room in the cabin for passengers or cargo. If you are in the market for something a bit larger, the CX-30 small crossover may be a better fit. The CX-30 has a bit more performance and a more rugged design than the CX-3. The larger cabin makes it better for hauling around rear-seat passengers as well.

The CX-5 is the quintessential mid-size SUV of Mazda's lineup. It has all of the modern technology you want, especially if you plan on going on a trek across Leesburg VA. It is comfortable, and everything has a premium feel to it. It can even be had as a diesel if you are looking for an even more efficient daily driver.

The final vehicle in Mazda's lineup is one of their most impressive. The CX-9 is a three-row SUV that has plenty of room in the cabin for seven passengers, but it is not as large and imposing to drive like most other three-row SUVs. The craftsmanship found in the CX-9 is on a whole new level compared even to other Mazda models. When you see the level of care and detail that Mazda has put into the interior of the CX-9, you will get the feeling that you are in a full-on high-end luxury vehicle.