Interested in getting behind the wheel of a Mazda, but unsure of whether you should lease or buy? Both methods of financing a vehicle are fantastic options, but right for different types of drivers. Let's explore the differences today, and once you've decided, stop by Fitzgerald Mazda of Frederick near Harpers Ferry, WV to get started on your application.

The Benefits of Leasing

Leasing is typically great for people who always love to have the latest features the automotive world offers. If you want to change up your car or SUV every couple of years, leasing would be the perfect chance to do so. You'll also typically have lower monthly payments because you're not working to pay off the entire price of your car from the start. Because you only drive your Mazda for a few years, you're also under warranty for the entirety of your time with the vehicle.

It's important to consider that leasing comes with mileage limits, so if you're a commuter or road-tripper, you'll want to ensure you have enough miles in your plan to realistically last you through each year of ownership.

The Benefits of Buying

When you purchase a Mazda, you'll get to own that car for its whole life, which gives you free rein on customization and accessory add-ons. You'll also have the freedom to drive as much as you need to, as there are no mileage limits with auto loans. Perhaps the biggest benefit of buying comes once you've paid off the car and no longer have to make monthly payments at all, which you'll never experience with a lease.

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